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Make A Covered Basket For Sewing Supplies – for Feb. 9, 2009

A useful accessory for a small basket is a cover complete with pockets — a very handy little item for your sewing room.


Small piece of heavyweight fabric such as denim or twill

Bias tape

Sturdy wicker or plastic basket


Measure circumference of top and bottom of basket. Cut one piece of fabric the same width adding 3/8 inch for seam allowance and 1/2 inch less for height. If basket tapers towards the bottom, make appropriate allowance by sewing small tucks at corners starting at the bottom, stopping about an inch from the top. Cut rectangular pieces for pockets, as many as you desire to measure same height as basket piece. Sew bias tape to top edge of pockets and basket piece. Pin pockets in place bringing outer edges slightly towards centre allowing them to gape. Stitch in place. Sew bias tape around bottom edge; stitch seam.

Eva Krawchuk writes from Winnipeg, Manitoba

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