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Update on honey business

A January, 2009 Farmlife article by Christalee Froese told about Nicole Hein of Saskatoon and her Tu-Bees honey-in-a-tube idea.

It still amazes me how many doors have opened since I came up with the idea and decided to jump into business,” says Hein, who founded Tu-Bees honey in 2007 in an effort to pay for the horse of her dreams.

With business taking off, Hein is thrilled to now have her horse Diesel, as well as money to take care of him.

Hein, who came up with the idea of creamed honey in a tube when she was 11 years old said, “I sometimes still can’t believe that I actually own a horse and that I now have a thriving business too.”

Her story caught the attention of a Vancouver gift company that showcased Tu-Bees honey at the Whistler Film Festival last December.

The Uptown GiftBox Company sent Tu-Bees honey, along with Saskatoon tea and chocolates, out to some of North America’s top film producers, actors and media members.

While Tu-Bees honey is widely available in Saskatchewan, Hein says getting Tu-Bees out to an upscale North American crowd is an exciting opportunity. “This opens up a whole new audience for us,” she said.

Tu-Bees honey also went to Afghanistan in December.

“I think it’s cool to give the soldiers a bit of a taste of home,” said the Grade 10 business whiz. “I just think it’s a nice gesture and I’ve always wanted to give something back, and now I can.”

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