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Cottage-Style Kitchen Perfect For Rural Living

Updating a kitchen doesn’t always have to be costly. If the cabinets are sound then a little paint and elbow grease may be all that’s needed. This cottage kitchen was updated with some leftover paint and a little ingenuity.


There are several budget-friendly ideas here that you may be able to use, as well as fun collection ideas. The dark-brown 1970s cabinets were repainted, and the hardware was reused but updated by removing the faceplates and installing only the cabinet and drawer pulls. The cost for this project; $0. The couple who owns the cottage used leftover white interior latex paint that was tinted using green craft paint. I recently painted the kitchen cabinets in my own home and replaced the hardware with a more updated style. The kitchen now looks fresh and up to date. I did purchase paint as I wanted to ensure I used a good kitchen paint that would last, and the new hardware was on clearance at a local shop so the entire project cost under $100.

The countertop in this kitchen was installed by the husband who used stone flooring tiles and grout. He laid the tiles on a plywood base and trimmed them out with decorative wood trim, making for a stylish and moderately priced countertop.

The couple likes to collect vintage items, particularly kitchen gadgets. They also found some old product pamphlets at a thrift store and have framed and displayed them on top of the kitchen cabinets. The pamphlets, which date from the 1930s to ’50s only cost 10 cents each, but when framed make a great display. You could also frame interesting items like calendar photographs, handwritten recipes (perhaps a family favourite handed down through the years), poems, etc. Collectibles don’t have to be expensive to be appealing.

Personal touches like the revamped wall clock add charm. The wife took an old plastic clock base and workings and refaced it with blue-painted paper and local pressed wildflowers to mark the numbers. She then wrapped the circumference in jute twine using a hot glue gun to cover the plastic finish and make it look more rustic.

The letters spelling out RELAX are displayed in such a way that you see them upon entering the room and they help to set the mood. I love using words in my own décor and these days it’s easy. You can purchase wooden letters and phrases which can be easily put in place. No more tedious stencilling!

Having a space that you love is achievable. Collect and display what truly moves you, use what you have to keep the budget on track and break some rules along the way. Who says floor tiles can’t make a great countertop or old pamphlets aren’t art? Not me, that’s for sure.

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