A Mother’s Determination

Mother robin is very determined when she decides on a place to build her nest.

One spring, as my husband was preparing for seeding, he had been using his three-ton truck and left it in the house yard. As young, startup farmers, we didn’t have a Quonset at the time to park the truck in. It was to be used to haul grain, already treated, to the fields for seeding. The next morning, when getting ready to go to work, he noticed a female robin fly out from under the truck box. On investigating, he found a nest the mother robin had built underneath. He took the nest away and continued in his preparations for seeding. The truck was moved to another spot.

Next morning, as he started the truck, out flew the robin again from underneath. She had built another nest again in the same spot! Again hubby took the nest away and put it on a nearby tree branch. This happened for three days. My husband finally decided that if she wanted to nest there so badly, he would let her have the truck.

Only another farmer would realize the great inconvenience this caused. Instead of using the three-ton to deliver treated grain to the seeder for the section and a quarter of land he seeded that spring, he used his Ford half-ton instead. This caused many trips back and forth, creating extra work, and taking up much more time.

Mother robin had her way. Her brood was successfully hatched. The grain did finally get planted and hubby was able to use his truck again. But only after all the seeding had been done, and the robins had left their nest.

This incident happened 60 years ago. We have continued to have many descendants from that nest come every spring to take up residence for the summer. But now they nest in the trees and shrubs where they should be.

Annabelle Armstrong writes from Hussar, Alberta

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