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New sprayer lineup from John Deere

The 400 and 600 series models offer new features

John Deere’s upgraded model year 2022 400 and 600 series sprayers offer a new lineup of features and options.

In March, John Deere announced its medium- and large-chassis sprayer lines would see a host of changes for the 2022 model year, along with a new model numbering system that makes them now the 400R and 600R series.

Like all of Deere’s newest powered machines, the sprayers will get significant upgrades in their digital capabilities, so each model will now leave the factory with a StarFire 6000 GPS receiver integrated into the cab roof, a Generation 4 display terminal, AutoTrac guidance and a JDLink subscription.

With the “connected machine” capability all of Deere’s machines have offered for several years now, each sprayer can send data directly to the local dealer for remote diagnostics in the event of a breakdown. But in a welcome improvement for 2022, the new on-board diagnostic system will provide operators with a more detailed and clearer explanation of a problem, and it will provide a list of repair suggestions to help a customer fix the fault on his or her own without having to call out a dealership mechanic.

As usual, once owners activate the JDLink subscription that comes with each new machine, it can stream machine and field data to the John Deere Operations Center, so owners can monitor and track job quality, machine location and machine hours from anywhere. Farmers can set up prescriptions for individual fields within the operations center and push those instructions out to the sprayers — that means the operator does not have to manually enter this information into the display. The analyze tools within the operations center enables farmers to review field data, compare target rates with the actual applied rates, and adjust as needed.

400 Series lineup has four models

The 2022 lineup of 400 series machines has four models, including one with a 5.6-cubic-metre dry spinner box, the 400R. The remaining three are equipped with liquid tanks — an 800-gallon (3,028-litre) tank on the 408R, a 1,000-gallon (3,785-litre) tank on the 410R, and a 1,200-gallon (4,542-litre) tank on the biggest machine in this series, the 412R.

When it comes to power, Deere will continue to use the same 6.8-litre PowerTech diesel in the smallest model, the 408R, which puts out 280 horsepower. That will give the 408R a 32-kilometre-per-hour maximum working speed and 48 km/h on the road. The bigger 400s will get the 9.0-litre diesel engine. With that extra power, the two biggest 400 series models are capable of the same field and travel speeds as the larger 600s — 40 km/h in the field and 56 km/h on the road.

A new LED lighting package is available on John Deere sprayers for 2022. photo: John Deere

600 Series features

The power output from the 9.0-litre diesels in the 600Rs gets a bump over the 2021 models, jumping up to 355 horsepower on the 612R and 375 horsepower on the 616R.

To deliver engine horsepower, all of the 400 and 600 series sprayers use Deere’s CommandDrive powertrain. It automatically increases engine RPM when more power is required to maintain a consistent speed and spray pattern. On flat terrain, Auto Mode maintains the selected ground speed and application rate at a lower RPM, reducing fuel and diesel exhaust fluid consumption.

With its larger chassis, the 612R has a 1,200-gallon (4,542-litre) tank and the 616R carries 1,600 gallons (6.057 litres). The 600 series also offers a dedicated dry spinner box model, the 600R, which can be fitted with either a 5.6- or 8.5-cubic-metre body.

The sprayers will continue to use the same ExactApply nozzles, which allow for control over droplet size and spray pressure, but now the booms are available with an optional factory-installed pressure recirculation system and an air purge feature to simplify cleanouts. All 400 and 600 series sprayers can be equipped with 27-, 30- or 37-metre steel booms, or 37- or 40-metre lightweight carbon-fibre versions. To keep booms at the correct distance above the crop, the new BoomTrack Pro 2 system offers improved height stabilization over the brand’s previous system.

Operator comfort has been given a pretty high priority in all of Deere’s equipment upgrades for 2022, and the new sprayers are no exception. Both the 400 and 600 model lines will share the same upgraded cab design used on the high-horsepower tractors. The new cabs provide more interior headroom and a choice of three trim level packages, which offer premium options like a suspended, heated and cooled seat with a massaging feature. And to keep chemicals out, the cabs get a Category IV filtration system. To ease operator eye strain, an optional LED lighting package makes night work easier.

The new sprayers will be available for ordering in June.

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