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New heavy equipment jack

TireGrabber introduces the TG Equipment Jack

TireGrabber products are designed to allow producers to safely and easily change over large diameter tires.

A few years ago, Alberta producer Darcy Goossen invented a front-end loader attachment that allowed him to more easily perform large-tire changes on his own farm equipment.

That invention eventually became known commercially as the TireGrabber, currently available in three different models, which Goossen now manufactures and sells. The TireGrabber models allow for handling large ag tires up to 95 inches in diameter, permitting an operator to lift, swivel and rotate mounted tires, making attaching and removing them from a machine a pretty easy process.

In June, Goossen’s company announced the addition of one more tire handling aid to its product line, the TG Equipment Jack. Designed specifically to safely handle lifting jobs on large equipment, it has a load rating of 30,000 pounds (13,607 kilograms) and uses a broad lifting surface, unlike conventional floor jacks that lift from a small, single point.

“The TireGrabber Equipment Jack is a solid lifting device you can use to perform repairs and tire changes,” says Goossen. “Its design takes into consideration that a large machine requires a larger contact surface area. This means instead of lifting one corner of a machine on a small jack post, a much larger surface area is used for lifting securely, with extra safety latches to prevent slipping. The most important thing is that your machinery is secured.”

The jack weighs in at roughly 900 pounds (408 kilograms), due to its heavy-duty construction. photo: Tire Grabber

A 12-volt pump raises and lowers a pair of three-inch bore hydraulic cylinders with 18-inch strokes to lift and lower equipment to a maximum of 68 inches when using the nine-inch medium lift blocks. Optional 12-inch, large lift blocks are also available to further increase lift height.

Once the desired lift height is reached, safety arms can be locked in place to prevent accidental lowering. “Working conditions must be safe, first and foremost, and that is our goal,” Goossen says.

The jack itself is no lightweight. It weighs in at roughly 900 pounds (408 kilograms), due to its heavy-duty construction.

While Goossen says he designed the TG Equipment Jack for farm use, he adds it clearly has applications in other sectors whenever it’s necessary to lift and work on heavy equipment.

Retail price for the jack is $8,000. Goossen’s company currently builds, sells and ships directly to consumers from his Ferintosh, Alta., farm. The company’s website,, includes detailed information on all products it offers as well as video footage showing them in action. Goossen can be reached by email from the website’s contact page or by phone at 780-678-4288.

The new TG Equipment Jack from TireGrabber is designed to safely lift large equipment, with a lift capacity of 30,000 pounds (13,607 kilograms). photo: Tire Grabber

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