U.S. crops thriving on cooler and damper weather

Cool temperatures and occasional showers over the next couple of weeks will boost the U.S. pollinating corn crop and aid growth of the soybean crop, an agricultural meteorologist said on Friday.

• World Weather Inc. said weather looks good for corn pollination and all areas of the Midwest will get some rain.

• The pattern has changed to a wetter forecast for the next week to 10 days.

• Record low temperatures are expected over the weekend with the lows falling to the 40s (degrees Fahrenheit) in portions of the northwest Midwest and the highs in the 60s F and 70s F.

• Temperatures will be well below normal for the weekend but the highs will be back up to the 80s F next week.

• The low temperatures wil help conserve soil moisture.

• Dry areas in northern Iowa received welcome rains on Thursday but more rain is needed elsewhere in Iowa.

• Dryness is also becoming an issue in west central Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.

• The dry areas are in need of rain but elsewhere in the Midwest soil moisture levels are pretty good.



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