Three-active herbicide aimed against Group 2 resistance

Cereal growers in Western Canada looking for control of Group 2-resistant weeds including kochia, chickweed and cleavers, have a new weed resistance management tool at their disposal.

Optica Trio is a Group 4 herbicide combining three active ingredients in one package to control broadleaf weeds in wheat (spring, durum and winter), barley and oats.

“Optica Trio is a significant step forward for cereal growers faced with managing the more than 19 weed species that have been identified as resistant to Group 2 herbicides,” said Brodie Blair, product manager for UAP Canada, distributor of Optica Trio.

“Equally, if not more importantly from the grower’s perspective, Optica Trio offers this in one package with no additional mixing required. It’s not a co-pack.”

Optica Trio combines MCPA, dichloroprop-P and mecoprop-P in one product for control of stinkweed, wild mustard, lamb’s-quarters, volunteer canola, redroot pigweed, common chickweed, kochia, common ragweed, wild buckwheat and cleavers. It also provides suppression of lady’s-thumb and Canada thistle.

“Several of the weeds Optica Trio controls are recognized as economically significant to cereal production,” said Blair.

“What’s more, multiple resistance to both Group 1 and Group 2 chemistries is also known to be on the increase, so having effective alternatives such as Optica Trio are increasingly important.”

For effective control of weeds in wheat (spring and durum), oats and barley, Optica Trio should be applied at the two- to five-leaf stage of the crop.

In the case of winter wheat, the product should be applied in the spring, before the crop is more than 30 centimetres high. Winter annual weeds should be sprayed as soon as new growth starts.

Optica Trio should be applied at a rate of 0.5 to one litre per acre depending on the broadleaf weeds present, using 20-80 litres per acre of water.

Optica Trio is also approved for tank-mixing with Ladder 240 EC or Horizon 240 EC for control of broadleaf weeds, wild oats and green and yellow foxtail in spring wheat. It’s also approved for tank-mixing with Everest Solupak 70 DF for control of broadleaf weeds, wild oats and green foxtail.

Optica Trio will be available for the 2011 growing season through independent retailers.

— Lyndsey Smith is editor of Grainews and writes this week from Crop Production Week in Saskatoon.

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