Saskatchewan harvest 99 per cent complete

Harvest operations across Saskatchewan are complete in all but a few places, with 99 per cent of all crops harvested, according to the latest report from Saskatchewan Agriculture for the week ended October 21.
Yields and quality were both reported to be average to above average for many crops given favourable harvest weather. Average yields for spring wheat and canola were 35 per cent and 36 per cent higher, respectively, than the 10-year average (2003 to 2012), according to the report. Average yields for spring wheat were reported as 46 bushels per acre, durum 45 bushels per acre, oats 91 bushels per acre, canola 38 bushels per acre, peas 43 bushels per acre and lentils 1,700 pounds per acre.
Southeastern and east-central regions of the province still have about 5 per cent of fields remaining to be harvested, due to rain-related delays. Most regions have the majority of the crop in the bin. Some flax, chickpeas, canaryseed and oats were still being combined.
Average hay yields on dry land were reported as 1.7 tons per acre (alfalfa and alfalfa/brome hay), 1.3 tons per acre (other tame hay), 1.2 tons per acre (wild hay) and two tons per acre (greenfeed). On irrigated land, the estimated average hay yields were 2.3 tons per acre (alfalfa hay), 3.4 tons per acre (alfalfa/brome hay) and four tons per acre (other tame hay and greenfeed). Cattle producers have adequate to surplus winter feed supplies, according to the report.
Across the province, topsoil moisture on cropland was rated as 4 per cent surplus, 62 per cent adequate, 22 per cent short and 12 per cent very short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture was rated as 1 per cent surplus, 60 per cent adequate, 25 per cent short and 14 per cent very short. The west-central and northwestern regions are the driest regions of the province.
The number of acres seeded to winter wheat in Saskatchewan was on par with 2012, according to the report, although acres were down in some areas due to a late harvest.

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