Saskatchewan crops battle through moisture

Commodity News Service Canada – Saskatchewan crops are in generally good condition despite recent wet and windy weather, says the Saskatchewan government.

In a release, the province said sixty-two per cent of the spring wheat, winter wheat, flax and canola was in good condition as of July 25.

Lentils are rated as 15 per cent excellent, 47 per cent good, 26 per cent fair, 10 per cent poor and two per cent very poor. Peas are rated as 30 per cent excellent, 52 per cent good, 16 per cent fair and two per cent poor.

Heavy showers dropped 50 to 100 millimetres of precipitation throughout much of Saskatchewan with reports of 200 mm of rain in the central region.

Lodging is apparent in several areas with standing water in various regions. Lentils and peas, in particular, are being stressed by the excess moisture. Disease and hail are also concerns.

Provincially, cropland topsoil moisture is rated as 15 per cent surplus, 80 per cent adequate and five per cent short.

Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as nine per cent surplus, 83 per cent adequate and eight per cent short.

The release from the province says most of the harvest isn’t expected to begin until next week.

Haying progress continues to be made. Livestock producers have 50 per cent of the hay crop baled or put into silage and another 20 per cent cut and ready for baling, according to the release.

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