Quebec kefir granule producer gets development loan

A Quebec company is getting a $386, 500 loan from the federal government to commercialize a revolutionary new process to produce kefir granuals for the cosmetics, human health and animal nutrition markets.


Kefir grains are a combination of bacterias and yeasts used to innoculate animal milk, much like live bacterial cultures are used to make yogurt and the Drummondville, Quebec based Kefiplant Inc. says it has a revolutionary new process to produce them.


The funding was announced today in a media release from Denis Lebel, minister of state for Canadian Economic Development.


“A country’s prosperity rests on the dynamism of its entrepreneurs who, in these tough economic times, are to be commended for their courage and audacity,” said Lebel in the release.


Founded in 2004, Kefiplant devoted its first four years to the research and development of a bioprocess it subsequently patented under the name of Kefitech, an innovative kefir granules fermentation process. Kefiplant develops natural products that facilitate food absorption and digestion and act as antioxidants and natural preservatives.


The firm aims to create 10 new “skilled jobs” the release said.

This funding will enable the fledgling firm to improve its manufacturing process, expand its product offering, pursue its patent and trademark activities and acquire specialized equipment. Kefiplant will also undertake a commercialization strategy centred on the hiring of a marketing director, development of promotional materials and participation in trade fairs.

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