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Quebec extends traceability rules to cervids

Farmed cervids such as elk, deer and moose are to be covered under Quebec’s livestock ID and traceability regulations by the end of this month.

Provincial Agriculture Minister Laurent Lessard said Wednesday that he would amend the regulations, which first included cattle in 2002 and was amended to include sheep in 2004.

The amendments announced Wednesday will take effect Feb. 26 and lay out cervid livestock owners’ and keepers’ new obligations, including registration with the province’s animal ID and traceability agency, Agri-Tracabilite Quebec (ATQ).

Cervid producers will also be required to tag their animals and to inform ATQ accordingly, as well as to inform ATQ when animals are brought onto or shipped off of a farm, die on-farm or are lost.

Producers are also obligated to replace lost tags and report to ATQ the number from any tag that’s lost, destroyed or no longer valid.

Cervid producers and keepers will soon receive letters from ATQ on how to register with the agency, with additional information to follow, the province said.

The province reiterated Wednesday that its goals for traceability are to streamline and improve the effectiveness of animal disease prevention and, if need be, efforts to contain and prevent diseases from spreading. It’s also meant to protect public health as it relates to certain livestock diseases and food contamination.

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