Pearce: Outdoor Farm Show hosts Kubota’s ‘triple play’

Kubota’s new M7 tractor is meant to combine higher engine horsepower and flexibility in performance. (Ralph Pearce photo)

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show is no stranger to ribbon cuttings and product launches, but not many companies open a new show-site facility and pull the wrapping off two new products all at once.

Kubota Canada this year didn’t even wait for the official start of the Outdoor Farm Show, but did it all a day early.

While most exhibitors set up displays, Kubota on Sept. 15 opened its permanent Farm Show exhibit, dubbed the Kubota Education Centre, then introduced its new M7 tractor series and its SSV skid steer loader.

The permanent structure is the latest commitment from Kubota, which joins several other manufacturers as well as seed and chemical companies in “setting down roots” at the Farm Show site.

As for its new tractors, Kubota has made considerable inroads into higher horsepower tractor lines recently, particularly with its M5 and M6 series. With the new M7, those inroads continue, including engines with 131-, 151- and 171-horsepower ratings, all from the Kubota V6108 engine.

The M7 design combines selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and common rail system (CRS) technology, to meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards. In all there will be three different levels of performance for the M7: Standard, Premium and Premium KVT (Kubota Variable Transmission), the company’s answer to the CVT design, providing a “virtually infinite” number of forward and reverse speeds.

“It’s a natural progression for us, and in terms of flexibility, this tractor will do things that the M6 won’t from a horsepower standpoint,” said David Webster, general manager for sales and marketing for Kubota Canada.

“You look at the hydraulic capabilities that are built into it, with a closed-centre load-sensing system, and an ISO monitor for running attachments. It’s a pretty capable machine.”

The SSV Skid Steer loader series, meanwhile, includes two models: the SSV65 and the SSV75. The SSV65 comes with a 64-hp engine, a rated operating capacity of 1,950 lbs. (885 kg) and a bucket breakout force of 4,839 lbs. (2,195 kg). The SSV75 carries a 74.3-hp engine, a 2,690-lb. (1,220-kg) operating capacity and a breakout force of 5,884 lbs. (2,669 kg).

The models include the company’s Shockless Ride function, meant to provide a smooth response, along with a unique vertical lift design, a long reach and high bucket, plus a variety of attachments, such as augers, stump grinders, power rakes and tillers.

Ralph Pearce is a field editor for Country Guide at St. Marys, Ont. Follow him at @arpee_AG on Twitter.

Executives with Kubota Canada and Outdoor Farm Show president Doug Wagner (second from right) cut the ribbon for Kubota's new Farm Show facility. (Ralph Pearce photo)
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