New registrations for Triton

DuPont’s Triton C herbicide tank-mix is now registered for control of stork’s-bill or round-leaved mallow. Triton C is already registered for control of cleavers as well as other broadleaf weeds such as annual sow-thistle, narrow-leaved hawk’s beard, wild buckwheat and hemp-nettle.

“Growers currently do not have many options for controlling stork’s-bill and round-leaved mallow,” Travis Schoonbaert, Cereals and Oilseeds Product Manager for DuPont said in a release. “Triton C now gives them the control they need on these weeds as well as a broad range of other tough broadleaf weeds.”

Triton C has also added the suppression of volunteer flax to its label for this season. In addition, it can now be tank-mixed with Axial or with Everest with or without 2,4-D, Puma Super and Horizon.

Triton C controls cleavers up to four-whorls as well as 24 other broadleaf weeds in spring and durum wheat and feed barley.

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