New herbicide to target wild buckwheat

BASF Canada has picked up registration for a new Group 2 and 4 weed killer to control wild buckwheat, assorted grasses and broadleaf weeds as part of the company’s Clearfield canola system.

The product, brand-named Tensile, will contain imazamox and clopyralid as its active ingredients and is registered for use in all soil zones, the company said Thursday.

“This is good news for Clearfield canola growers who have wild buckwheat issues or growers who wish to use an herbicide-tolerant system but are contending with this problem weed,” said Chris Vander Kant, brand manager for “imi” herbicides such as imazamox, for BASF Canada.

Wild buckwheat is “particularly troublesome” for canola growers, the company said, because of its climbing nature, which creates harvesting issues. It can also cause crop lodging and makes swathing and combining difficult, in turn reducing canola yield and quality.

The company said it previewed Tensile for farmers as part of its “GrowForward Yield Challenge” on 40 test sites across the Prairies this summer.

BASF also said the new product offers “excellent rotational freedom,” giving Clearfield canola growers the options of seeding any type of canola as well as canary seed, durum wheat, field peas, flax, spring barley, spring wheat or tame oats after an application of Tensile.

Tensile is registered for control of broadleaf weeds such as cow cockle, green smartweed, lamb’s-quarters, redroot pigweed, shepherd’s-purse, stinkweed, volunteer canola and wild mustard, and grassy weeds such as barnyard grass, green foxtail, Persian darnel, volunteer barley, volunteer durum wheat, volunteer spring wheat, volunteer tame oats, wild oats and yellow foxtail.

The product is also registered for suppression of cleavers, kochia and Japanese brome grass, BASF said.

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