N.B. offers funding for maple syrup producers

New Brunswick’s maple syrup producers can expect $300,000 in total provincial funding this year for their operations, the province announced Friday.

The funding, to flow through the provincial Regional Development Corporation’s Total Development Fund, is to help support proper development of maple sugar stands, prevent damage to tubing collection systems, and increase productivity by removing diseased and dying trees and “undesirable” species.

The provincial natural resources department plans to draft stand treatment and eligibility criteria for maple producers interested in taking part in the program, the province said.

New Brunswick ranks among the largest producers of maple syrup products in the world, the government said. About 300 operations produce four million pounds of syrup each season, worth $12 million in revenues through local and national markets as well as through maple product exports to the U.S. and Germany.

Approval for added funding followed a pledge from Natural Resources Minister Donald Arseneault at the New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association general meeting earlier this year, that he would put in the request.

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