N.B. farm-plated trucks may haul for other farmers

Farmers in New Brunswick driving farm-plated trucks will soon be able to use those vehicles to haul for farmers other than themselves.

Public Safety Minister Bruce Northrup last week announced the province will tweak its Motor Vehicle Act to allow farm-plated vehicles to transport other farmers’ products.

Previously, a farmer could only haul his or her own products in a vehicle bearing farm (“F”) plates, he said in a release.

“F” plates, and tax-exempt fuel for farm-plated vehicles, are available in New Brunswick only to farmers bearing valid Registered Professional Agricultural Producer (RPAP) cards.

The planned regulatory change, Northrup said, comes out of discussions between the Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick and an interdepartmental working group on cutting red tape for farmers.

“Farmers told us they wanted to be able to work together to haul each other’s crops and products to market or storage,” thus cutting their capital and skilled labour costs, he said. — AGCanada.com Network


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