Most Saskatchewan crops in good condition: report

The majority of crops in Saskatchewan were rated in good to excellent condition during the week ended July 29, a crop report from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture said Thursday.
The report noted that 84 per cent of spring wheat crops, 82 per cent of canola, 81 per cent of lentils and 88 per cent of peas were rated in good to excellent condition.
Generally favourable weather for crop development across the province was responsible for the good conditions. Most of the province received some rain during the week ended July 29.
But, the rain wasn’t all beneficial, as it reduced the quality of hay in some regions. The report said 70 per cent of the hay crop was rated as good in quality, down from 74 per cent a week prior.
Producers were said to have 82 per cent of the hay crop cut and 60 per cent baled or put into silage.
Provincially, topsoil moisture on crop land was rated as nine per cent surplus, 78 per cent adequate, 12 per cent short and one per cent very short.
Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture was rated as seven per cent surplus, 80 per cent adequate and 13 per cent short.
There was some damage to crops reported during the week from disease, insects and localized flooding. Grasshoppers and bertha armyworm were reported in some regions.
Farmers were busy haying, controlling insects and preparing for harvest, the report said.

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