More Manitoba hogs turn up with PED

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Another small group of Manitoba hogs has tested positive off-farm for the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv), this time at an unnamed “high-traffic site” in the province’s livestock-intensive southeast.

The office of the provincial chief veterinary officer (CVO) reported Friday that the pigs in this case had been transported from another high-traffic site before they started showing “clinical signs” of the disease, which include diarrhea, vomiting and dehydration.

“High-traffic sites” are off-farm facilities moving or handling large numbers of pigs, such as assembly yards, abattoirs, truck-wash stations or livestock trailers.

In the early phase of its investigation, the CVO said it’s believed the source of this group of infections was “environmental contamination” at the high-traffic sites, not the animals’ source farms. However, the CVO said it’s following up with farms and facilities that had contact with the sites.

Both high-traffic sites are co-operating with the CVO’s investigation and have taken “measures to reduce the possibility of further transmission,” the province said Friday.

The province in the past week reported two other cases of PEDv, not in hogs but in “environmental” samples collected at high-traffic sites. Manitoba’s lone cases of on-farm PEDv were reported in February at a farm in the province’s southeast; a case was also found in hogs at an off-farm “high-traffic” site in the province’s southwest earlier this month. [Related story]

The past week’s confirmations bring Manitoba’s total of off-farm (high-traffic site or environmental) PEDv findings to seven.

Several high-traffic sites hadn’t been running tests for PEDv previously, but have recently started because of contact with other positive high-traffic sites or PED-positive regions outside Manitoba, the province said. Those facilities are implementing “control and containment” plans to keep PED from moving from their sites to Manitoba farms.

Since Canada’s first case of PED was confirmed in Ontario in January, there have been 60 on-farm cases of the virus confirmed in hogs in Canada: 57 in Ontario and one each in Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Manitoba.

Ontario’s three most recent cases were confirmed Thursday at a finisher operation in Huron County, a farrow-to-finish farm in Elgin County and a nursery operation at an as-yet unnamed site.

PED can be a severe and often fatal illness in newborn and young pigs, while older swine often have less serious symptoms and generally recover. The virus is not a risk to the health of humans or other animals, nor to food safety. — Network


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