Monsanto to bring DuPont corn treatment to East

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A DuPont insecticide will be rolled into use next spring in Eastern Canada as a seed treatment on Monsanto’s DeKalb corn.

The two companies on Tuesday announced they will market DuPont’s Lumivia insecticide seed treatment in Eastern Canada on seed corn for the 2017 sales season, as part of Monsanto’s Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions offerings.

Lumivia is billed as the first insecticide seed treatment technology in Canada using chlorantraniliprole, which picked up approval in April this year as a seed treatment from Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

Chlorantraniliprole, a Group 28 product, has already been an active ingredient for about five years in DuPont’s Altacor and Coragen insecticides.

As a seed treatment, it’s approved for control of “key” early-season corn pests such as wireworm, black cutworms and armyworm, and for suppression of seed corn maggot, the companies said.

“We are pleased to provide Canadian corn farmers with seed treatment options to fill pest control gaps,” Daniel Samphir, Monsanto’s marketing manager for seed-applied solutions, said in a release.

Lumivia, he said, “covers a wider spectrum of corn pests than any other non-neonicotinoid seed treatment on the market.”

Lumivia “has an excellent environmental profile and provides an important tool for farmers at a time when this is very much needed in Canada,” said Mick Messman, director for DuPont’s seed treatment business, in the same release.

When used following the label directions, he said, it’s “highly efficacious and has minimal impact on the environment and on beneficial insects and pollinators.” — Network

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