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Monsanto looks to sell BST

Monsanto has announced that it is pursuing a divestiture of its bovine somatotropin (BSt) dairy hormone, sold under the trade name Posilac.

Monsanto says cows supplemented with Posilac produce an average of 10 lb. more milk per day.

“While Posilac is a strong product for the business, we believe repositioning the business with a strategic owner will allow Monsanto to focus on the growth of its core seeds and traits business while ensuring that loyal dairy farmers continue to receive the value of Posilac in their operations,” said Carl Casale, Monsanto’s executive vice-president of strategy and operations, in a news release.

The product was introduced in the U.S. 1994, but has continued to be dogged by consumer opposition over human health and animal welfare concerns.

Safeway, Starbucks and Kraft recently announced they are removing milk produced using BSt from their stores or products in the U.S. The hormone was never licensed for use in Canada.

Monsanto has recently lost court battles in some U.S. states to prevent retailers from labelling their products as BSt-free.

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