Man. storage listing for ‘at-risk’ grain near launch

The Manitoba government expects to have an online service up by the end of this week for farmers rushing to get unbinned grain up off the ground.

“Our first priority is getting this grain moving, but secondly, we need to ensure we have ample space should farmers need emergency alternate locations for at-risk grain in flood-prone areas,” provincial Agriculture Minister Ron Kostyshyn said Tuesday in a release.

The service, which the province telegraphed in an announcement last week, is to be “up and running by the end of the week” at the Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development website, the province said.

The grain storage listing service is expected to work like the province’s online hay listing service. If producers have available storage other farmers could use in the event flooding becomes a risk, they are encouraged to contact their local GO office.

The ag department said it will be developing tools to help farmers who need extra storage for their excess grain to get in contact with producers who have empty grain storage facilities available.

“Due to a lack of storage, grain is sitting in outside bags or piles,” Doug Chorney, a producer at East Selkirk, Man. and president of Keystone Agricultural Producers, said in the province’s release.

“With the spring thaw just around the corner, moisture or overland flooding are a real concern because of the potential for quality degradation and its financial impacts on farm income.”

The provincial ag department said it’s also working on completing a review of flood-prone areas and will be contacting farmers as a precaution to ensure grain from those areas can be moved if required. — Network

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