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Lallemand opens Montreal probiotic feed lab

Montreal feed additive firm Lallemand Animal Nutrition has opened a new centre of excellence in ruminant research to develop next-generation probiotics for livestock.

The company, whose parent specializes in developing yeast- and bacteria-based products for the feed, pharmaceutical, baking and winemaking industries, opened the centre at Montreal’s Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI), a federally-owned facility providing turnkey lab space, facilities and services to companies in biotech research and development.

BRI hosts more than 30 Lallemand researchers with multidisciplinary programs in five sectors: animal nutrition, human health, fermented beverages, bakery and ethanol technology, the company said in a release Tuesday.

In the animal nutrition sector, Lallemand’s microbial products run from silage inoculants to digestive enhancers. It has an “extensive” bank of thousands of microbial strains, isolated from the natural environment, to be screened for their ability to modify and improve ruminal fermentation, host health and productivity.

Combining “classical” techniques such as in vitro fermentation and biochemical assays, and “high tech” molecular techniques such as DNA fingerprinting and microarray, these microbes’ effect on the ecology of the rumen can be evaluated and their modes of action determined, the company said.

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