Kochia becomes Manitoba’s first glyphosate-resistant weed

It’s assumed almost all kochia in Manitoba is already resistant to Group 2 herbicides, which will make glyphosate-resistant kochia that much tougher to control in crops such as, say, Roundup Ready soybeans. (Canola Council of Canada file photo)

It’s in just a pair of fields out of over 280 surveyed in the province last fall, but it’s now Manitoba’s first official glyphosate-resistant weed.

It’s kochia, and it’s been found in two fields in the Red River Valley.

Agronomists had predicted Manitoba’s first cases would be discovered in the province’s west, because glyphosate-resistant kochia was confirmed in Saskatchewan and Alberta in 2012 — but officials suspect this seeds of this infestation came from North Dakota.

The provincial ag department is not revealing the exact location of the glyphosate-resistant kochia. Staff will closely monitor the fields and work with the affected farmers and those nearby to contain its spread.

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