Hybrid rye to be tested in Manitoba

FP Genetics and Paterson Grain are rolling out a demonstration program for a new hybrid fall rye in Manitoba.

The new hybrid, dubbed Brasetto, yields about 25 per cent higher than existing varieties, says Ron Weik, seed portfolio manager with FP Genetics. Brasetto is also four to six inches shorter than Hazlet, he adds. “And it’s a lot more consistent in the height.”

KWS, a German-based rye breeder, gave FP Genetics the new cereal. Brasetto is a European variety, Weik says, but it has been through the Canadian registration system, and was registered in July.

“So it’s been grown for several years in Western Canada — just in small plots, of course — but the winter survival has been every bit as good as the varieties we have here at this time,” says Weik.

Brasetto’s ergot susceptibility seems to be the same as existing varieties, Weik says. But the new variety does have some improved quality characteristics. “It’s got quite a bit better bread-making qualities.”

Ken Mudry, manager of customer marketing at Paterson Grain, says it will be distributing seed in Manitoba.

“It’s very limited. We’ll have the equivalent of about 1,500 acres worth of seed for this upcoming fall,” says Mudry. End-use customers will try small quantities of Brasetto next year to see how the rye fits into their product portfolios.

Mudry acknowledges the rye market isn’t very big. “However, we see an opportunity. North America does import rye from Europe. So it’s our objective to see if we can supply that market, cut off that import.”

“We’re looking forward to seeing how it performs,” says Mudry.

Lisa Guenther is a field editor for Grainews

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