Headline Duo goes dry

Headline Duo, a co-packaging of pyraclostrobin and boscalid fungicides to control resistant strains of ascochyta in chickpea crops, will have a dry formulation for the 2008 season.

The product’s manufacturers, BASF Canada, announced Tuesday that Headline Duo’s dry formulation will have an “optimized ratio” of each active ingredient in a single jug.

BASF first introduced the product last year, when resistant strains of ascochyta were seen in chickpea-producing regions of the Prairies.

The company recommended Headline Duo be applied as the first fungicide application at the seven- to 10-node stage of chickpea development, for a “disease-free start” for the crop.

If further applications are needed due to new or persistent disease outbreaks, BASF suggested rotating Headline Duo with a fungicide with another mode of action, such as Syngenta’s chlorothalonil fungicide Bravo.

In any case, “good stewardship practices dictate that fungicides should be rotated and that growers avoid sequential application of one specific product or chemistry,” the company wrote.

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