Haing progresses, crops behing normal: Saskatchewan crop report

Saskatchewan’s crop report for the week ending July 26 says  producers have 66 per cent of the hay crop cut and 38 per cent baled or put into silage.Quality is rated as 19 per cent excellent, 58 per cent good and 10 per cent fair.  Haying has progressed furthest in the south, where 73 per cent of the crop has been cut and 47 per cent baled or put into silage.  Haying is progressing slowly due to high humidity but relatively clear weather during the past week has allowed producers to make up some lost time.Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as 29 per cent surplus, 68 per cent adequate and three per cent short.  Topsoil moisture on hay land and pasture is rated as 18 per cent surplus, 77 per cent adequate, four per cent short and one per cent very short.The warmer weather in the past two weeks has helped advance crops; however, most are still one to two weeks behind normal. Eighty-three per cent of the winter wheat, 88 per cent of the fall rye, 89 per cent of the triticale and 79 per cent of the peas are in good to excellent condition.  Seventy-seven per cent of the spring wheat, 83 per cent of the durum, 78 per cent of the oats, 76 per cent of the barley, 80 per cent of the flax, 71 per cent of the canola, 81 per cent of the mustard, 77 per cent of the lentils, 78 per cent of the canaryseed and 97 per cent of the chickpeas are in fair to good condition.The majority of crop damage is being caused by flooding and hail.  Wheat midge and grasshoppers are also causing damage.

Pasture conditions are rated as 40 per cent excellent, 53 per cent good and seven per cent fair.  Ninety-nine per cent of livestock producers have adequate water supplies for their livestock.Click here for the full report by region.

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