“Exceptional” crop ratings in Alberta

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development has released its biweekly crop report for July 24. The provincial summary follows. The full report is available alongside.

Alberta has seen the return to more seasonal temperatures over the past several weeks following the hot weather experienced two weeks ago. Sporadic light and heavy showers were reported in all areas maintaining high surface and sub soil moisture ratings.

Crop ratings remain at exceptional levels with 85-95 per cent of crops rated in good or excellent condition. Crop development is within normal ranges due to the warmer weather with spring crops in the early to mid pollination stage. Winter cereals are in the late milk to early dough stage. Canola is 61 per cent podded with field peas at 76 per cent.

Initial yield projections indicate the potential for above average production in all regions. Early yield projections have spring and winter wheat averaging 47.8 bushels/acre, durum wheat at 44.0 bushels, barley at 66.9 bushels, canola at 41.8 bushels and field peas at 43.4 bushels/acre.

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