Dandelion control added to Refine M label

DuPont has received registration for an expanded Refine M herbicide tank mix to include dandelion control for fall and spring rosettes less than 15 cm in diameter. It has also been registered for use with Axial as a tank mix partner. Growers also no longer need to add surfactant to their tank when using Refine M by itself.

Travis Schoonbaert, DuPont Canada Cereals and Oilseeds Product Manager, says Refine M offers growers control of dandelion, wild buckwheat up to the five-leaf stage, all types of volunteer canola and many other broadleaf weeds. “Growers now have additional tank-mix flexibility to select the wild oat product of their choice, without worrying about wild oat antagonism,” he said in a release.

Refine M has active ingredients from both herbicide Group 2 and Group 4.

DuPont says it can be applied on spring wheat, winter wheat, durum, barley and oats from the three-leaf to just prior to the flag leaf stage of the crop. It is rainfast two hours after application and there are no recropping restrictions the following year.

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