CWB delays year-end news conference

The Canadian Wheat Board has postponed its annual crop-year-end news conference by one month to late August, the latest it has ever been held, with grains developing more slowly than usual, a board spokeswoman said on Monday.

The news conference normally occurs around the end of the crop marketing year on July 31 and includes data on the current year’s exports, along with an outlook for Western Canadian crop production and shipments for the new marketing year.

The Wheat Board will hold the news conference in late August, said spokeswoman Maureen Fitzhenry, but has not yet finalized a date.

The board is delaying the news conference to ensure it has solid information about crop and export prospects, given the late-developing crop, she said.

Farmers planted crops late in many parts of the Prairies, and cool, wet weather in spring delayed their growth.

The delay is not related to the Canadian government’s plans to end the Wheat Board’s grain monopoly, Fitzhenry said.


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