Canpotex shelves plans for Prince Rupert terminal


Reuters — Canpotex, the potash export sales arm for PotashCorp, Mosaic Co. and Agrium, said Friday it would not build a planned shipping terminal at Prince Rupert in British Columbia.

Canpotex said the decision was based on economic and commercial considerations and that its export capacity in Vancouver, Saint John and Portland were sufficient.

PotashCorp CEO Jochen Tilk had said in January that the suspension of production at a New Brunswick potash mine could lead Canpotex to shelve plans to build the terminal.

Saskatoon-based Canpotex had announced its plans for a new “greenfield” bulk terminal at Prince Rupert’s Ridley Island in 2008, with capacity to handle 13 million tonnes per year.

The company later signed a lease agreement with the Prince Rupert Port Authority and secured the required environmental permits.

It said last year its final investment decision would be “based on commercial factors, including construction costs and offshore potash market projections.”

Prince Rupert, near the southernmost tip of Alaska and about 750 km northwest of Vancouver, has intermodal container, cruise and bulk export terminals and handles commodities including coal, grain and forestry products.

Reporting for Reuters by Vishaka George in Bangalore. Includes files from Network staff.



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