Canada and Morocco discuss free trade deal

The governments of Canada and Morocco have had discussions in order to identify areas of partnership to strengthen the long-standing trade relationship between the two countries, which includes a large component of agriculture trade.


Canadian agriculture minister Gerry Ritz met with Moroccan agriculture minister Aziz Akhenouch and trade minister Abdellatif Mazouz in Rabat, Morocco, to discuss opportunities for the negotiation of a mutually beneficial free trade agreement.


“The Kingdom of Morocco is engaged in a progressive liberalization process,” said Ritz. “A mutually beneficial free trade agreement off The trade relationship between Canada and Morocco was worth $450 million in 2008. Agricultural products accounted for the vast majority of that trade for a total of $330 million.


“The strong and long-standing relationship between Canada and Morocco gives us a firm foundation to build on as we share technology, coordinate regulations in specific areas, and stimulate trade and investment,” said Ritz.


Ritz also said a closer trade relationship will make sure high-quality products from both Morocco and Canada are always available all year round.


More than 100,000 Moroccan-Canadians make up the largest North African community in Canada. Canada and Morocco share strong cultural bonds as full members of La Francophonie. Hundreds of young Moroccans study in Canadian universities every year.


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