Best Comments of the Week: March 20

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“Farmers lose with ‘Depression-era’ ag policy: report,” March 18, 2009

Let’s talk about North America and focus on what is relevant to our demographic, not Australia’s. We agree with President Obama’s new ag policy to stop subsidies to large corporate farms, as Obama feels these farms should be able to sustain themselves. In this article Greg Mason suggests only big farms, who share machinery, can make a profit, so why are the big farms in the U.S. outraged by Obama’s announcement? Seeing we are talking global, what about farms in Europe? Are these farmers making a profit? Or South America or China or India? Speaking globally about farming is serious business and suggesting we share farm equipment or other resources will only help the chemical companies get richer and our food will be more contaminated! When the public is willing to pay a decent price for their food, only then will farmers all over the world make a decent living. — Gloria Chmilar

“Wittal: New-crop wheat FPCs meet or beat PROs,” March 19, 2009

Does the Canadian Wheat Board pay for spoilage on grain kept in storage for a couple of years because they couldn’t sell? — Vern Schaab

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