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Best Comments of the Week: June 12

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“Viterra’s Man. elevator staff reject union,” June 9

Glad to know there are still workers out there that don’t believe that unions are the answer to all their needs. Good article. — D. Cowie

“Alta. climate plan eyes emission cuts for ag,” Jan. 24

2050? 40 years from now? In other words Alberta does not feel the urgency required to mitigate the effects of pumping so much carbon into the air and oceans. Is it denial or is it greed that motivates the oilmen? — Kevin Kvisle

“Alta. puts deposit on milk containers June 1,” May 28

The government is not telling you about the high cost and environmental impact of this new program.

I live in Edmonton which has weekly municipal curbside collection of recyclables. Methods of collection vary across the province, but municipal recycling will always have a much lower cost and environmental impact. Putting a deposit on milk containers is nuts.

We are concerned about the high cost and environmental impact, which is astounding, and there is very little actual benefit to the environment. The numbers are simple arithmetic and are very conservative — like saving as many as 25 containers before returning them and only 15 minutes per trip. The indirect costs are huge even with these conservative numbers.

I am also concerned that the cost and environmental impact have not been communicated, openly and honestly to the public.

This ill-conceived recycling program amounts to a tax on milk of epic proportions. Follow the money — the bottle depots are the big winners and milk consumers are the big losers. What impact will this government program have on dairy farmers?

I am a retired engineer who is very concerned about the damage we are doing to the planet, as I am sure you are. This program is just another example, but these things all add up. — Doug Flood, Edmonton

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