Best Comments of the Week: July 31

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“Green groups rip CFIA’s SmartStax approval,” July 27

I have been invoved in agriculture all of my life and I have yet to see Greenpeace feed any people, grow any food, provide food support for any countries or provide any technical support for the Canadian farmer. Some of us in agriculture are sick and tired of Greenpeace and all the do-gooders that want to prevent people from farming in Canada with the best technology. If our food safety system is not good enough for Greenpeace to eat in Canada then please go elsewhere. — David Best

“Cheap U.S. cherries flooding Canada: NDP,” July 28

It’s sad but it’s the game. When Ontario’s greenhouse tomato growers have a bumper crop, they ship a lot of produce on to the New York and Boston markets at low prices. It’s helping for them to do that. Washington had too many cherries this year and some weren’t picking because the market is saturated. It’s the game of supply and demand! — Caroline Martel

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