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“Editors’ Picks: ‘Dangerous’ beetle found in LAX cargo,” Jan. 5

Bravo Grainews. It is appropriate that these introductions of invasive species are reported. It is very reasonable to expect that the huge import of goods from all regions of the world must be “tagged” with such species. This needs to be recognized in the true cost of these imports. Another good reason for the 100-mile diet. Another good reason to enjoy a cold Canadian winter (destroys many introduced species). — Daniel Kusalik

“Net farm income slips in 2009: StatsCan,” Nov. 30

I wonder if all ministers of agriculture are aware of this report and what explanation they might have for farmers and ranchers as to why there are significant decreases in assistance payments. Beef producers are not out of the woods in spite of high prices this fall. We will never recuperate the losses and neither will hog producers. It is scandalous how the all governments ignore agriculture in this country. — Gloria Chmilar

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