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Alta. ships PID forms for AFRP II funding

Alberta livestock producers will either soon have or be able to order the forms needed for their second round of benefits under the Alberta Farm Recovery Plan (AFRP) II.

The province, in an information bulletin Tuesday, reiterated that to receive their second installment of AFRP II funding in early 2009, cattle producers must age-verify their 2008 calf crop and register their farm with the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Premises Identification (PID) program by Dec. 31.

Alberta Financial Services Corp. (AFSC) has sent PID forms to all producers who received an AFRP benefit in June, the province said.

The forms will also be available on Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s website. More details can also be had at the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency’s website.

Producers who believe they’re eligible for AFRP II, but haven’t received any previous benefits, should contact AFSC to apply, the province said.

“Producers of all livestock species, including cattle, hogs, bison, elk, horses, donkeys, mules, deer, llamas, alpacas, vicuna, reindeer, sheep and goats are eligible,” the province said.

Producers who send in their PID forms are asked to ensure they include their AFSC Identification Number, which they received in the mail with the forms. Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) account identification is also required. Producers who don’t know this number or don’t have one should contact the CCIA.

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