Where to find your provincial crop protection guides

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Spring is in the air. That means its time to get your new provincial crop protection guide for all the latest information on registered herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Here’s how:

In Manitoba:For an online copy, Google “Manitoba” and “Guide to Crop Protection” and Google will direct you to a “Guides and Publications” page with many links, including a link to the “Guide to Crop Protection 2017.” You can download the whole 720-page document, or just the sections you need. If you prefer a paper copy, visit your local office. You’ll pay $10.00, including GST.

In Saskatchewan:For an online copy, visit www.saskatchewan.ca, then type “guide to crop protection” into the search box. This will take you to a link to the “2017 Guide to Crop Protection.” Again, download the whole thing, or just the sections you want. Or, you can pick up Saskatchewan’s “2017 Guide to Crop Protection” for free at the Ministry of Agriculture’s regional offices.

In Alberta:Alberta’s crop protection guide is known as the “Blue Book.” Find it online by Googling “Alberta” and “blue book.” You’ll see a link that will take you to a page where you can download or buy “Crop Protection 2017.” Get a free electronic copy of the whole 592-page document, or buy a paper copy. They’ll ship you a copy for $12 plus shipping and taxes.

In B.C.:Farmers searching the B.C. government’s web site for a crop protection guide are re-directed to Alberta’s Blue Book.

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