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VIDEO: New yield-boosting seed treatment on the horizon

Show me the data! What farmers should look for when buying new inputs

Grainews reporter Lisa Guenther spoke with Jon Treloar of Monsanto to learn more about Quick Roots at Crop Production Week.

Monsanto is banking on biologicals to be the future of ag inputs, company officials said during a media event at Crop Production Week in Saskatoon this winter.

Monsanto has partnered with Novozymes to develop, test, and release new biological products. One of the first products to come out of that business relationship is QuickRoots, a yield-boosting seed treatment designed for wheat, corn, and soybeans.

Grainews reporter Lisa Guenther caught up with Jon Treloar, a technical agronomist with Monsanto, to learn more about QuickRoots.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency no longer requires efficacy data for new products. In this video, Treloar explains what farmers should look for when they’re thinking about trying new products. Treloar also explains why Monsanto is doing field-scale trials for new products such as QuickRoots.

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