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Tired of growing too much zucchini? Try this app to get the right garden mix

vegetable garden calculator app

If you were like me growing up, most of us had a large garden that provided produce for the family not only during the summer but through most of the winter as well. Times seem to have changed. Garden plots have shrunk in size because of either lack of room or lack of time.

If you’re looking to scale your garden back up, the Vegetable Garden Calculator can help streamline your garden based on the vegetables you want to grow and the size of your family.

This app has an extensive list of vegetables for use in calculation, some of which I have never heard of. The list ranges from chayote to scorzonera.

If you select a vegetable, the app opens a small page about it giving you a picture, suggested amount of plants per person and in most cases a handy tip about how to grow this produce. Not all tips may be suitable for a western Canadian growing season, for example the tip that carrots should have multiple planting and harvesting times throughout the year. This is probably more specific to a much longer growing season.

Once you “select” a vegetable, you’ll see a button to either add or remove this vegetable from your garden. Once you’ve added a vegetable or multiple vegetables to your garden your list can be viewed by selecting the “Your Garden Vegetables” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Open this menu and you’ll see a drop down menu where you can select the amount of people you are trying to feed with your garden.

The app will automatically calculate the amount of each vegetable you need to feed your family. The number of plants needed can be seen to the right of each vegetable in bold. You can return to the all vegetables menu to add or remove vegetables to your garden list.

That is all it takes to streamline your garden or maximum efficiency for plants per person to save you time and space in your garden. I looked into the accuracy of the plant per person numbers but could not find any concrete evidence to confirm the numbers. They seem relatively close. You can always tweak these numbers slightly if your preference is slightly toward some vegetables than others. I hope this app adds to the enjoyment of your gardening experience.

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