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New products at Quarry Seed

Soybean seedling

Quarry Seed is no longer distributing for Thunder seed and is now bringing Prograin soybeans to Western Canada.

Last year, Quarry’s 60 plus dealers across the Prairies sold Thunder Seed soybeans and corn. General manager Shawn Rempel says the company is working toward having access to grain and silage corn in the near future.

Prograin is a private Canadian company, located in Quebec, focused solely on soybeans. “Now that we are working directly with a soybean breeding company, we feel we will be able to test and bring new soybeans to the market faster, and more efficiently than anyone else,” says Rempel.

For 2017, Quarry dealers will be retailing several Prograin soybean varieties, including six that are brand new:

TORRO R2 GENRR2Y, 2375 CHU, RM 000.8, medium-sized plant with green foliage; excellent yield potential for its maturity; above-average standability.

KOSMO R2 GENRR2Y 2450 CHU, RM 00.6, very good vigour at the beginning of the season, perfect for short season areas; good ability to branch for an early soybean variety; taller than average with good standabililty.

DARIO R2X 2250 CHU, RM 000.8, very good yield potential for its maturity group; tall plant with aggressive development; stands out in minimum tillage.

DOMINGO R2X 2525 CHU, RM 00.8; very good vigour at the start of the season and excellent standability; excellent yield potential; very good sclerotinia tolerance.

DYLANO R2X 2450 CHU RM 00.4; extremely high yield yielding mid-season soybean with first in class standability; great sclerotinia tolerance.

DUGALDO R2X 2475 CHU RM 00.5; great yield with a fantastic fit for all mid-season geographies; excellent standability and harvestability; a true farmer’s soybean.

Quarry will also be distributing products for Xite Bio Technologies, a Winnipeg-based biological company and Verdesian Life Sciences, an inoculant and biological company based in Indiana. Quarry will also retail Syngenta’s soybean seed treatment products.

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