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Set your soybeans up for success

Many factors come in to play in getting your soybean crop off to a good start.

Field selection, fertility, varietal selection and planting populations are some of the key elements to be considered during the planning phase.

As the planning phase ends and you move to in-season practices, your early season weed control will be important to a successful crop.

Soybeans have a “critical weed-free period” that takes place between emergence and third trifoliate. During that period, your soybeans aren’t very competitive, and not controlling weeds properly can lead to irreversible yield damage.

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In general, glyphosate will be your go-to weed control product. However, you may want to look at tank mixing with another product that provides residual control. That way, you’re giving seedlings a chance to gain some ground when they’re most vulnerable to weed competition.

Of course, even with all your careful preparation there’s the chance for a late frost to force a re-plant. That’s where you’ll want to make sure that the residual product you decide to tank mix with your glyphosate won’t injure the other crop you’ve penciled in as your back-up plan.

This agronomy tip was brought to you by Doug Fotheringham, agronomic service representative, with Syngenta Canada.

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