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New canola varieties for 2016

With 16 new varieties ready for ordering, 
farmers have a lot of choices to make

New canola varieties for 2016

Get out your pencils. (Or iPads. It’s going to be 2016.) There are 16 new canola varieties available for next spring. Add these new choices to the strong varieties that have come out in the past few years, and western Canadian farmers have some tough decisions to make.

This list is a quick roundup of the new canola varieties on the market for the first time in 2016. It doesn’t include other recently released varieties or old favourites.

With this many products to choose from, there will likely be some heavy traffic on the Canola Council of Canada’s website once 2015 trial data is available (

Bayer CropScience

InVigor L241C

InVigor L241C is the newest clubroot -resistant hybrid with outstanding yield potential, strong standabilty and a mid maturity suited for all clubroot-affected regions of Western Canada. InVigor L241C yielded two per cent higher then InVigor L135C.

InVigor L157H

InVigor L157H is the newest Evolution hybrid in the InVigor Health hybrid offering. It matures a day earlier than InVigor L156H and offers growers higher yield potential plus the security of a contract premium.

Brett Young

6074 RR

6074 RR is the first of the next wave of high-yielding canola hybrids from BrettYoung. 6074 RR was the highest yielding Genuity Roundup Ready variety in the 2014 Canola Performance Trials at 109 per cent of the check. This is a hybrid with excellent lodging resistance. It’s resistant to blackleg and ideally suited to the mid- and long-season canola zones.

6080 RR

6080 RR combines great yield with earlier maturity for adaptation to all canola zones of Western Canada. 6080 RR is resistant to blackleg, has excellent harvestability and yielded 108 per cent of the checks in 2014 trials. A great hybrid for all canola production regions.

6076 CR

6076 CR is a high-yielding clubroot-resistant (pathotypes 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8) hybrid that also has Intermediate resistance to the 5x pathotype. 6076 CR is a large plant with excellent harvestability and top yields. 6076 CR is resistant to blackleg. Its maturity is similar to 6060 RR, making it most adapted to the mid- and long-season zones.

Canterra Seeds


CS2000 offers excellent yield potential, broad adaptability and the best clubroot-resistance package available. It is resistant to the conventional clubroot pathotypes 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8, and it is the only canola hybrid that offers additional protection to the new 5x pathotype. Suitable for all zones, CS2000 is medium-tall, has very good lodging resistance and is rated resistant to blackleg. See Canterra’s 2015 yield results online at


This hybrid has high yields and multigenic blackleg resistance for the long-season zone, yielding 115 per cent of 74-44 BL in its first trial of 2015 at Etzikom, Alta. CS2100 has broad-spectrum resistance to blackleg pathotypes groups 2, 3, 4 and T, and has more reliable defence against blackleg anywhere it is grown, delivering higher yields in fields with higher disease pressure. CS2100 has been observed to have a high degree of pod shatter tolerance, and could prove to be a good straight cut option.

CS2200 CL

CS2200 CL is a new high-yielding Clearfield hybrid with full-season maturity, great standability and a solid R to blackleg. As a Clearfield, it could also qualify for non-GMO crush programs. CS2200 CL is available at Canterra Seeds shareholders businesses, independent crop input dealers and through UFA.


VICTORY V-Class V12-3

This is the first specialty canola hybrid to combine clubroot resistance with multi-genic blackleg resistance. V12-3 has very good early season vigour and great yield potential with excellent stand ability. V12-3 matured a half day earlier and yielded 103 per cent of check 45H29 in first year co-op trials (all zones) 2014. V12-3 is part of the Cargill Specialty Canola Program.


Nexera 1020 RR

New generation of Nexera canola RR hybrid offering improved disease resistance. 1020 RR is the first Nexera hybrid to offer clubroot resistance with a very strong R rating in recent public co-op trials. Maturity is one day earlier than 1012 RR and has demonstrated strong yield in performance trials. This hybrid is suitable to the mid- and long-season growing zones in Western Canada.

Nexera 1022 RR

New generation of Nexera canola RR hybrid offering improved disease resistance. 1022 RR offers improved, multi-gene blackleg resistance with a very strong R rating in recent public co-op trials. 1022 RR is one day earlier than 1012 RR and has demonstrated strong yield performance in trials. This hybrid fits well in the mid- and long-season growing zones in Western Canada.

Nexera 2022 CL

New generation of Nexera canola CL hybrid offering improved disease resistance. 2022 CL offers improved, multi gene blackleg resistance with a very strong R rating in recent public co-op trials. 2022 CL has similar maturity to 2012 CL and has demonstrated very strong yield in performance trials. This hybrid fits well in the mid- and long-season growing zones in Western Canada.

DuPont Pioneer


The First Genuity Roundup Ready canola hybrid with the built-in Pioneer Protector HarvestMax trait for resistance to pod shatter and pod drop. This canola hybrid gives growers the option to swath layer or straight cut their canola. It has excellent early growth and yield potential along with very good standability.

Protector Plus (Number TBD)

The First and only Genuity Roundup Ready canola hybrid with both Pioneer Protector sclerotinia and clubroot resistance traits built right into the seed. This canola hybrid also has excellent early growth, improved standability and excellent yield potential. It is also rated R for blackleg.

Monsanto / DEKALB

75-65 RR

75-65 is a hybrid with solid agronomics and improved pod integrity that offers the option for straight cutting. It’s R-rated for blackleg, with a dark seed coat. A mid-maturity option with a broad acre fit.

75-57 CR

75-57 CR offers clubroot protection with a resistance to pathotypes 3, 2, 5, 6 and 8. It is R-rated for blackleg, and has good standability,

75-45 RR

75-45 RR is a unique combination of early maturity with strong yield potential. It is R-rated for blackleg and has good standability.


Proven Seed*

PV 533 G

PV 533 G is a new, high-yielding mid-season Genuity Roundup Ready hybrid. PV 533 G provides growers excellent standability plus a blackleg resistance package that is exhibiting high resistance, even by R rating standards.

PV 580 GC

PV 580 GC is the first true multigenic clubroot resistant variety available. As a new tool in clubroot management stewardship, PV 580 GC is a mid-season Genuity Roundup Ready hybrid that offers an alternative genetic package. It is part of a sustainable clubroot management approach for existing and high risk clubroot fields, allowing growers to protect their valuable canola rotations and yields.

PV 200 CL

PV 200 CL is the newest high-yielding Clearfield hybrid from Proven Seed and has a world class standability rating. PV 200 CL offers strong resistance to blackleg and fusarium wilt while bringing in high yields and profits for canola growers.


XCEED X122 CL is the newest canola quality <Brassica juncea> bred by Proven Seed specifically for the brown and dark brown soil zones to better tolerate heat and drought for consistent performance, reduced green seed, improved seed quality and higher yield potential. X122 CL is a Clearfield hybrid with world class standability plus improved pod shatter resistance for better straight-cut performance.



SY4105 is the first Genuity Roundup Ready canola hybrid from Syngenta to incorporate clubroot resistance. SY4015 fits well across mid-season growing zones in and delivers excellent early season vigour with strong yield performance. For more information visit


SY4166 is the latest Genuity Roundup Ready canola hybrid from Syngenta. This hybrid is best suited for the mid-to-long season growing zones, and includes an excellent agronomic package with multi-genic blackleg resistance, good early season vigour and high-end yield potential. SY4166 also boasts excellent standability, which will save time at swathing and harvest. In a series of 2014 small plot trials, SY4166 reached full maturity, on average, 1.5 days later than SY4135, and 1 to 1.5 days earlier than SY4157.


*This variety was left out of the original version of this article. We regret the error.

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