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New canola seed varieties for 2015

Disease resistance has been top of mind for canola researchers, and will stay that way for some time

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A look through the new canola seed varieties submitted by seed companies reveals a focus on disease resistance. Most of the new varieties are blackleg resistant. Some also offer sclerotinia tolerance, fusarium wilt resistance, or clubroot resistance.

Disease resistance is likely to remain front and centre in canola. Clubroot grabbed headlines this summer, as plant pathologists confirmed a new clubroot pathotype in the Edmonton area that could break resistant canola varieties. Blackleg is also an ongoing threat.

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These 15 new canola varieties will be on the market for the first time in 2015.

Bayer CropScience

Bayer CropScience released the following four hybrids in limited quantities for the 2014 growing season, but Bayer is planning a much wider release for 2015.

InVigor L252

Top performer in the Bayer CropScience demonstration strip trials (DST) in 2013. One of the top two hybrids in the Canola Performance Trials. This mid-season hybrid offers high yield performance, enhanced standability and superior blackleg resistance.

InVigor L261

Mid-maturing InVigor L261 delivers superior standability, blackleg resistance and yield performance. It was one of the top two hybrids in the 2013 Canola Performance Trials and was a strong performer in the 2013 Bayer CropScience DSTs.

InVigor L140P

Patented pod shatter reduction technology offers excellent yield protection with greater harvest flexibility. In the 2013 DSTs, straight-cut InVigor L140P showed a seven per cent yield advantage over InVigor 5440 at normal swath timing.

InVigor L160S

Sclerotinia-tolerant trait technology makes InVigor L160S your first line of defence against sclerotinia with no yield sacrifice. Offers excellent standability, enhanced blackleg resistance and all the benefits of the LibertyLink system.


6064 RR

The latest addition to BrettYoung’s performance Genuity Roundup Ready portfolio. Superior standability and harvest results. It is 0.7 days earlier than BrettYoung’s 6060 RR. Rated R for blackleg and came through the Co-op trials with a 138 per cent index over 6060 RR’s 134 per cent.


PV 531 G

Earlier-maturing Genuity Roundup Ready canola hybrid from Proven Seed. Offers competitive yields, world-class standability and an R rating for blackleg. Available from Proven Seed at all CPS retail locations.

PV 532 G

Early-maturing Genuity Roundup Ready hybrid with competitive yields, excellent standability and an R rating for blackleg. Available from Proven Seed at all CPS retail locations.

farmers on a canola crop tour
Farmers take in a showcase plot tour at Cavalier Agrow, near Meota, Sask. The day featured, among other things, plots of new canola varieties. photo: Lisa Guenther

DuPont Pioneer


Excellent yield potential. Built-in Pioneer Protector clubroot-resistance trait (Races 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8). Excellent early growth. Resistant to blackleg and fusarium wilt.


High-yielding hybrid with built-in Pioneer Protector sclerotinia-resistance trait. Very good standability. Moderately resistant to blackleg. Resistant to fusarium wilt.


New Clearfield hybrid for 2015. Mid-maturity hybrid. Very good standability. Resistant to blackleg and fusarium wilt. Clearfield production system provides exceptional weed control with Ares herbicide.


Very-early-maturity hybrid. Above-average early growth. Moderately resistant to blackleg. Low green seed count.


Roundup Ready hybrid with Pioneer Protector Clubroot resistant trait with a yield potential of 103% of average of the industry checks in DuPont Pioneer Research trials from 2012 & 2013.  It has an R rating for blackleg and fusarium wilt.  D3155C (RR) has excellent early growth and yield potential.  Available at select Independent and Coop retails across Western Canada.

Dow AgroSciences

Nexera Hybrid 2020 CL

Clearfield canola hybrid. High yield potential. Strong early-season vigour. Strong disease package, including clubroot resistance. Excellent standability. Very easy to harvest.



Genuity Roundup Ready canola hybrid selected through rigorous field trialling. This mid-season hybrid is rated R for blackleg, and is a competitive option for growers looking for a solid return on investment. Flowers earlier, matures quicker and yields competitively compared to industry checks.


Mid-season Genuity Roundup Ready canola hybrid that offers high yield potential and fits well across all growing regions of Western Canada. Rated R for blackleg, SY4114 has demonstrated strong yield performance and very good standability versus industry checks in large-scale trials conducted across the Prairies in 2013.


High-yielding Genuity Roundup Ready canola hybrid, rated R for blackleg. Best suited for mid to long-season growing zones across Western Canada. In extensive public and private trials, SY4157 consistently demonstrated excellent early-season vigour, strong blackleg resistance and good lodging scores. Will be available for sale in limited quantities this fall for 2015 seeding.

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