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Help is here for soybean sudden death

Bayer’s new ILeVO soybean seed treatment may bring relief to Ontario farmers

Help is here for soybean sudden death

While sudden death syndrome in soybeans hasn’t yet been a scourge on the Prairies, it has spread across Ontario and it could be on its way to a soybean field near you.

When sudden death syndrome hits Manitoba, farmers might be looking for Bayer’s new ILeVO seed treatment fungicide. This product is a Group 7 fungicide with the active ingredient fluopyram. ILeVO is registered across the country.

Sudden death syndrome (SDS) often occurs along with soybean cyst nematode. For farmers with both, yield results can be devastating.

Symptoms of SDS are not visible until the soybean plant is above the soil. The first signs you’ll notice are mottled and mosaiced leaves. Then, yellowing of the leaf veins and death of the whole leaf. In severe cases, the leaflet will drop right off. Because SDS can be confused with other problems, it’s difficult to identify, and often misdiagnosed.

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