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New balers from Vermeer

Another new product, the "Catapult", pitches material up to 100 feet in a controlled direction

Vermeer hay baler

Vermeer has just introduced a new two-model line of balers called the 600N Series. However, both versions, the 604N and 605N, are available in either a standard configuration or as “Cornstalk Specials.” The brand’s official press release announcing their introduction says their designs are based on the previous M Series, but the new models offer increased capacity and productivity. There is, of course, new styling as well.

“The first thing you notice about the new 600N series balers is the sleek, modern design that evokes a sense of force and motion,” said Phil Chrisman, product manager at Vermeer. “Upon closer inspection, you will recognize many well-designed, heavy-duty components that made Super M balers so popular, as well as several new features that contribute to the high performance and durability of this new line of balers.”

Among the features built into them that help achieve those performance gains are a new clutch that automatically stops the five-bar pickup when the desired bale size has been reached. That lessens the risk of inadvertently overfilling the bale chamber and helps increase the service life of bearings, belts and rollers. As well, adjusting the wheels that control pickup height can now be done quickly and without tools.

To minimize the time spent on daily servicing, the 600Ns feature automatic lubrication systems, so you can leave the grease gun on the shelf.

In the tractor cab, the 600N balers’ E-Link Pro display control system can now relay more data on the bale that’s building in the chamber. That includes bale moisture readouts and weight, with the optional scale feature.

Among those systems carried over from the discontinued M Line is the “Direct Crop Feed” system that channels material directly to the bottom drum and bale-starting chamber. The M’s dual-stage belt tightening system reduces the chamber size by 50 per cent and allows the hay to turn quicker also stays, along with optional net wrap.

“These new features are intended to offer a productivity advantage and enhance operator convenience,” said Chrisman. And we’re confident operators will appreciate the simplicity and usability of these additions.”

The Catapult

Vermeer catapult bale thrower
The CPX9000 “Catapult” bale processor uses a high chute, which gives the operator the ability to deliver material in a controlled direction and get it up and over corrals or feed bunks. photo: Vermeer

Once you’ve rolled up round bales, Vermeer has another new product that will help you feed them or turn them into bedding: the Catapult CPX9000. Catapult may be an appropriate name, because the machine can throw material up to 100 feet in a controlled direction.

“The CPX9000 gives you the power and precision to control how and where the material is thrown, which is paramount for getting up and over feed bunks in a cattle operation, or distributing material for housing developments or land reclamation and erosion control purposes,” said Chrisman.

The CPX9000 uses a dual fan arrangement to feed material into the directional discharge spout, which is controlled from the tractor cab. The material throw distance can be varied between 60 and 100 feet. The high position of the chute is designed to deliver material over top of corral fencing.

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