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Make A Santa Hanger With Kids

ere’s a great craft to do with the kids over the holidays. DIRECTIONS: Stretch out wire hanger until it is a long, narrow hoop. Slide it into nylon. Tie a knot around the hook and reshape hanger to look like a head. Take 3 to 4 cotton balls and bunch them into a ball. In […] Read more

Make A Cake In A Mug? In Three Minutes?

Recently, I received an e-mail from my friend Heather. It was how to cook a chocolate cake in a mug. I know she hates chocolate and she knows I love it. What a good friend! Cook a cake in a mug and microwave for three minutes? Hmmm. OK. Why not? I printed off a copy […] Read more

Multi-Tasking Around The House

Like most moms, I find myself squeezed for time. If I’m not volunteering for special events at my daughter’s school, or working outside my home, then I’m involved with several other projects that clamour for my attention. Somehow, I have to find ways to keep the laundry washed, the family fed and the house clean […] Read more

Another Time, Another Place

I wake up, following the same routine I’ve been doing since my daughter started school. Get up. Get her up. Get coffee. Get lunches packed and by the door. Get her fed and ready for school. I kiss my husband goodbye and remind him once again to drive carefully. But something is different, even after […] Read more