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Beekeeping 101 — Part 2

My husband Ron and I are new at beekeeping and this has been our first winter of keeping honeybees on the farm. As with the rest of our first year, there has been a lot to learn, and the bees’ resiliency never ceases to amaze us. We started preparing them for winter by leaving approximately […] Read more

First-season honey harvest

A colony of bees can be perfectly reasonable all summer, but with fall comes a decrease in temperature and an increase in bee hostility. My husband Ron and I experienced a little display of this (and reasonably so) when we went to dismantle their home and steal some of the food that they had worked […] Read more

Beekeeping 101

I am excited about beekeeping. This surprises those who knew me as a kid — terrified of bees, screaming and flapping my arms at the sight or sound of a bee approaching. I’ve learned that there are things to run screaming from — angry bulls, spiders and “scrapbooking,” but not bees. Canada produces over 31,000 […] Read more

How To Train A Chicken

Who says chickens are dumb? A funny thing happened this morning that makes me wonder if maybe chickens are just pretending to be dumb so that we don t expect too much of them. We have always had chickens around on our farm. We occasionally raise broilers for ourselves and a few neighbours so that […] Read more