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man riding a horse herding cattle

Handling emotions is the key to handling cattle

If you’re chasing them, you’ve already lost the battle

More beef producers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of low-stress livestock management as part of the time-honoured tradition of raising and handling cattle. Human instincts, however, can present a major obstacle by contributing to a lack of control and the conflicts, anger and frustration that commonly accompany plans gone awry. Dylan Biggs, a […] Read more

young woman standing with a horse

Young Peace farmer has farming in her blood

This 26-year old woman is growing her herd in B.C.

To Brittany Enns, a 26-year old Peace Country farmer, the hard work, dedication and attention to detail that come with an agricultural lifestyle are nothing new. Farming is in her blood on both sides of her family. Moving from Carrot River, Saskatchewan to B.C.’s Peace Country in 1986, Brittany’s parents Walter and Dolores Enns started […] Read more

grain bag in a field

Keep wildlife away from grain bags

As grain bags become more popular and are in use for more time, farmers 
are looking for new ways to keep wildlife away from their grain

The amount of grain being stored in bags has increased greatly in recent years. This winter, producers are faced with the task of preventing damage to the 2014 crop still stored in bags. Many producers are asking what the most effective, simplest and economical means of reducing damage are because, as one farmer said, “It’s […] Read more