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Incident becomes teaching tool for farm/workplace safety

After more than 42 surgeries Curtis Weber now lives life as a double amputee

On July 29, 1999, Curtis Weber had the world by the tail. At 17 years old, just out of high school, he’d signed to play junior hockey with the Drayton Valley Thunder. It was a sunny Friday, the August long weekend and a northern lake fishing trip was coming up. But before the sun would […] Read more

Outstanding Young Farmers Ontario: Adrian and Jodi Roelands

Learning to delegate is crucial to success for Adrian and Jodi Roelands

Adrian and Jodi Roelands, Ontario’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2016, established Roelands Plant Farms Inc., a propagation greenhouse, in 2013. Since then, they’ve doubled their capacity and were set to triple it by the end of October 2016. On their farm near Forest, in southwestern Ontario, the couple custom grow premium cucumber, tomato and pepper seedlings […] Read more

Outstanding Young Farmers Saskatchewan: Dan and Chelsea Erlandson

Growing vegetables for the local market is the key to success for Can and Chelsea Erlandson

Weather wise, October had a dreadful start in Saskatchewan. There was rain and there was snow. And on October 11, forecasters were predicting night time temperatures to plummet to -7 C within days. Dan and Chelsea Erlandson, Saskatchewan’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2016, confessed they were a little worried about five acres of potato fingerlings still in […] Read more

The rules, according to Kohl

Dave Kohl lives by the rules — the rules of farm management he’s been creating and collecting for more than 30 years. An adviser and speaker for the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Kohl is also a university professor and a farmer. He lives in Virginia where he owns and operates a dairy farm and value […] Read more

Unique marketing plan

Bob Mastin had a Valentine’s Day deadline this year that many would envy. On February 6, the award winning Sundre seed grower was invited to take part in an Alberta feed barley trade mission to Japan and Korea. He had eight days to prepare a PowerPoint presentation, so it could be translated and ready for when the contingent […] Read more

When farmers fight

All kinds of situations can lead to heated conflict between farming neighbours.Talking things over is often the best solution

It began the summer Grant’s pigs started running through David’s wheat and into his vegetable garden. There were a half dozen of the little porkers, razor backs with nary a streak in their bacon but they could wreak more havoc than a herd of buffalo, David muttered. If he chased them out of his cabbages once he […] Read more

Eco-buffers increase profit

Eco-buffers provide all the benefits of conventional shelter-belts with greater ecological paybacks. They supply better wildlife habitat, enhanced wild bee and beneficial insect refuge, and their compact design makes them a good fit for the small farm, says Laura Poppy, agroforestry specialist at the Agroforestry Development Centre at Indian Head, Saskatchewan. What are eco-buffers? “An […] Read more

Family Farmers Beats The Odds

Surviving the first year is a challenge for any small business, and it really doesn’t get any easier after that. Not quite 75 per cent make that first crucial 12 months and less than one-third are still in business after five years. Karla Folstad owns and operates Family Farmers,, an Internet technology business, designing […] Read more

Grass Fed Pays Off In Sales

Grass finished, rather than grass fed is the goal, says Janeen Covlin. With her husband Sam and her parents Lyle and Grace Olson, Janeen raises grass-fed cattle on their farm, Cool Springs Ranch, near Endeavour, Sask., about 300 km northeast of Saskatoon. They also pasture hogs and poultry. Lyle recently took a meat-cutting course at […] Read more

Not Just Horsin’ Around

Winston Churchill once said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of man.” Carol Marriot would enthusiastically agree. Ravenheart Farms, her Equine Assisted Learning &Retreat Centre near Humboldt, Saskatchewan is based on the healing, nurturing and teaching power of horses and her care and compassion for her […] Read more